Sunday, March 8, 2015

                                      NEVER GIVE UP !!!!

     Hi everyone this is josiane I have live here in Canada since March 2014 . 2 years ago my uncle told me that I will travel, I was so excited because I will take a plane  .              

     When I arrived here the first month was great , but during the next months I began to realize that I felt lonely , no friends , no brothers , no sisters , and the language was so difficult to speak, I felt so blue. I Told my cousin that I don't want to stay here anymore, he told me that "I know it's very difficult for you to stay like this , no friends , no school , but don't worry everything comes slowly  , staying here is building  a good future for your life, you will start English class and everything will be okay don't give up, and thinks about your future my dear". After that I change my mind I can't give up because everything my cousin told me was truth, I start English class ,I enjoy it that make me fell the happiest girl of the word because I am learning English now and I like it , now I have new friends in my English class and also in Hamilton and Toronto.

       I'm very glad to live here,I like this country. Don't event  say I can in life just try do it event it's difficult you will be at the end. Never give up. 

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  1. Good for you Josiane!! You are learning English and doing very well! And you are making friends which is so good for support and fun! I am happy for you. You have a good future ahead of you Josiane!


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