Friday, November 6, 2015

The ghost story

    Once upon time, there was a student who was an young man. He went to Chinese Capital for national examination. His house was so far from the Capital, that it had to spend about two months for him go to the city on foot.     One day, the sky grew dark as night was coming. He decided to stay in a temple. The sky was getting dark like black ink. It was raining the cats and the dogs. Lighting lit up the sky and thurnder rang in his ears. The student lit a candle and poured black ink into a dish, then he started to write a paper by a Chinese brush on paper.    Suddenly, The room's door was opened. The student turned face to the door. He saw that a ghost was coming! At that time, he put his palms in the dish then put the palms on own face. He turned face to the ghost again. The ghost loudly shouted: "I meet a person who is uglier than me."  The ghost ran away quickly.

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