Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Biography

My name is Amparo. I was born in Bogotá, It is the Capital of Colombia. Colombia is a country located in South  America.

I am the fifth of eight siblings. We were four girls and four boys. Two of then were twins. By the time I was born my mon did  not work outside the home. She was a stay at home mon. She was a wonderful mon. She gave us a lot knowledge about life. I always remenbed her as an axample for my life.

About my father, He was a hard working man. He used to have his own business, so he was able to spend a lot time with us. He is my mentor, when I have to make some decisions.

I want to tell something about my three sisters and my four brothers, two of them died  when they were young and the other two had their own business. My sisters are stay at home mons. All of us have a wonderful relationship, with all their families, When we have the opportunity to be together, we enjoy every second.

About myself, I studied with nuns and as soon as I finished High School my parents sent me to Ingland to learn English, as well as my three sisters.

When I came back to my country from England, I helped my father in his office and a year late I got married. I can say that I have a nice family. I have two daughters, two sons in law and four wonderful grand-childrem.

I am happy because I was able to raise our two daughters as I was a stay at home mon. It was possible as my spouse has his own business. He is a Veterarian. Also I am very proud of myself ,because I helped my husband in his job. I have learned many things about animals and all related to them.

Nowadays our young daughter helps us a lot in Colombia,  she studied Zootecnics

Right now I can have a relaxing life. I am thankful to life, as I can spend many months in Canada, learning a lot of things and be able to get more knowledge.

With my example I want to teach my family that life  is great and you can get all that you want, being an honest person and a hard working women.

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