Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Biography

       My name is Lyudmyla.  I am from Ukraine. I was born in Russia.   When I was 12 years old my family moved to Ukraine.

       After University, I started work in TV.  I was a TV producer.   I was producing news and musical programs, different shows when the " Revolution" came.

        I am married .  I have a daughter and a son.  My  family immigrated  to Canada in 2010 . We are very happy to live in Canada because  it is a very safe country.


        I have a hobby . I like dogs . I am a judge at the Dog Show.  I was working at the Dog Show every weekend when I lived in Ukraine.

           My favourite colour is pink. I like sea food.      I like to read scientific books in my free-time.

I am taking  ESL class, because  I want to improve my English level.

           My favourite sport is Track and Field . I was the winner and won several "Gold medals" at competitions when I was younger.

           I hope for my future in Canada to FLOURISH and PROSPER!!




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