Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Biography

Hello,my name is Nadia Naeem ,I am from Karachi,Pakistan.I was born on October,15,1975.Also I'm the youngest in my family,I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

When I was a child I liked to play games with my friends and family, My favourite subject was science and Art,My favourite sports is tennis and skipping as a child I was Quite and shy.

I got married to my husband Naeem Mohammad on February,5,2001.Im a house wife,I have 3 kids:Nayalash,Neha ,Namaa.

I arrived to Canada April,2002 from Pakistan.I made a lot of new friends and I had lots of fun. My biggest accomplishment is when I got my citizenship also whenI got my G1 and G2 license.

Now I am currently taking English classes to improve my English. In the future I want to pass my G licenses and speek fluent English  and be more confident in my life.

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