Thursday, April 7, 2016

My name is Amani .I was born in Egypt in 1977.I have four sisters and one brother .I am the oldest.  My sibling  are living in Egypt and one is living in Spain .

 I got married 2001 .Before that. I worked for six moths at a high  school.I worked as teacher Home

I have three boys the oldest son is 14 years old, the second is 12 years old ,the third is 8 years old.
Before I come to Canada ,I lived in France .I lived there for 12 years .After that I came here in 2009 because my husband want's in the construction in dustry as a painter. for me ,I didn't work because .I was learning English .After that,  I will search for job to help my family .I like to cook everyday .when I have free time I relax and watch T.V

this is my country.

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