Friday, July 29, 2016

My story

My name is Joanna. I’m from China. I have lived in Canada for almost two years. My family lives in Georgetown. I have three daughters and I love spending time with them. My husband is a great man. His business is in China. I go back to China every year to visit my family in China because I miss them a lot.

I came to Canada in 2014. I wasn’t happy because I spoke bad English and I often stayed home. But now I like Canada, everything is good and I have a new life. I can go to school and learn English. School is free and teachers are nice and pretty. We are like friends. Now I can speak English so I can meet new friends.
Canadians are very nice and polite. Their gardens’ flowers are beautiful and colourful. But winter in Canada is too cold and there is too much snow. Snow is beautiful, my daughters like snow. They went skiing last winter. Driving in winter is not very safe. The sky in Canada is always blue like a picture. There I fresh air, no pollution for health. My cute dog and I enjoy walking to the park under a nice weather. My favourite season is fall. The trees’ leaves change colour and they are very beautiful. It makes me happy.
I must speak more English and watch more TV to improve my English. I will also volunteer in the Georgetown library. My plan is to find a job that I like in the future. Thanks for my good teacher.

binan alshami

My name is Banan, I am from Syria. I was born in Al Hassaka, it’s a small city. I studied there from elementary until high school, and then I moved to another city called Homse to study in a university. But while I was studding, I got married. When I graduated, I become a mother. I have a daughter and a son. After getting married, I lived in United Arab Emirates. I lived there for thirteen years moving between three cities. Unfortunately in the last year my husband lost his job. 

When he had been terminated from his work, he and I decided to leave U.A.E and move to another country. Then we chose Canada to live in, we have many reasons to choose this country first, we have relatives and friends that are living here. Second, it is an open country. But the main reason is because  Canada receives all people throughout the world without caring about their nationalities. We hope to find a better future for us and for our children.

Canada provides a good life for all especially for kids and grandparents. Everything is different here studding, health care, justice and equality. I have been her for one year. I like the life here, eveary thing is arranged and organized. There are many diverse communities, and whenever you walk you can find the kind of people who are ready to help you as much as possible.

I am looking to improve my education and study in a college. I also wish to change my life style to be more active person with an open mind. I will try to communicate more with others. Moreover, anyone who lives here will be lucky to have a great opportunity to live in a safe haven and enjoy many other facilities.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Arrived in Canada

Hi everyone!
My name is Wafaa. I am from Lebanon. I am married and I am a mother of three children, Two of them live in Dubai, and the third in Canada. I arrived in Canada on 27 July as a permanent resident. I have visited Canada before several time and I like Canada very much. I like reading books and cooking my favorite dish rice and chicken and also hummus "fatouch". I am looking forward to learn  more English.
 Hi! our theme today is to write about our life story so I’m going to tell you about my problems, jobs, goals and something I have seen or learned in my life.
This moment I learned that sometimes it’s hard to introduce yourself because how much you know yourself how much you do not know where to start with.

First my name is Nizar I’m 21 and I was living in Beirut the capital of Lebanon. I came to Canada one month ago for too many reasons. The big point is to live in a peace place, to  get higher level education and change everything wrong in my life.

 I’m a person who is positive with every part or every reaction in my life. I like to read, to see, actually to try new things to increase my general knowledge.

I’m interested in art and especially in drawing.

I’m interested in music too, I was in the Conservatoir Music School learning drums. I like to feel music and “Pink Floyd” is my favorite band. I like to be alone and sometimes surrounded with people. I like to be happy that’s why Bob-Marle is one of my favorite singers. I like to think, to dream I like the respect for humanity that’s why I like Einstein and Martin Luther King. I like to live in a place that enables me to achieve all my goals and Canada is the right place for that.

Now my plan is to complete all my education in Canada: music, Art, English and Graphic design in Sheridan College. Finally I just want to thank Canada for caring for humans, Canada's natural places, and for caring for animals and more... my words are not enough. Hope everything will be perfect I will try my best and I will presist until I succeed.

Virgen (Viky) Guach Silvera: My Biography

My name is Virgen Guach Silvera, but you can call me Viky. I was born in Cuba in 1954. When I was 15 years old I went to the city of Havanna to study. After 7 years, I worked in hotels for 40 years in Professional Services.
When I was 18 years old I got married. I have two sons and a daughter. They are all married and now I have four grandchildren: 2 grandsons and 2 grand-daughters. I am a very happy grandmother.
I have been living in Canada since 2010. Now I live only with my husband. He is very good person. I love him but he is very sick with a heart problem.
I love to garden and make art and crafts. I am very handy!
Canada is a very safe and good country and so I am very glad to live here. I am currently studying English for better communication skills. Thank-you my teacher for your attention and dedication.
 Today!I will tell  you about my self. My name is Maryam.I am from Pakistan. I have one brother and  one sister. They are older then me. 

My mother lives in Pakistan with my brother. My mother is a single parent . When I was 6 years old my dad died.My mother took good care of me. She is very friendly with children .I  discuss everything with my mother. I love my mother so much. When I completed my high school My mother decided  to should get married.

After my marriage I came to Canada with my husband .I  have lived in Canada with my in-laws since 2007. I have two kids .I work with my husband at our gas station.

Now my plan is to complete my Education. I want to learn English and speak well. My dream is for my children to become a Doctor or an Engineer .I will try my best.

Orlando's Biography

My name is Orlando Loboguerrero, I was born in Bogota, Colombia, on 14th of April, 1950. From a five sibling family, I am the oldest.

I studied at the National university of Colombia, one of the most important universities in my country; I obtained my degree in Chemical Engineering, and then started my working life as an engineer. Besides, I also did a Masters degree in Quality Control and Business Administration.

I have been married to my lovely wife  Dolly for almost 40 years. I have a daughter that lives in Canada she is a Canadian citizen , a son that lives in Bogota, Colombia, and two grandchildren.

Right now , I am retired and I am in Canada visiting my daughter, this is my second time in Canada, my first time was in winter , in Montreal  - it has an enviable location , at the Hochelaga  archipelago, also known as the Montreal islands sit at the confluence of the St Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, the largest being the island of Montreal. It forms the main city of Montreal - the experience was amazing and special, for the snow, the places like Notre Dame Basilica, Mont-Royal, for sports like skating, skiing and the French idiom and wonderful Architecture.

In Milton, - it belongs to the Halton  Region, with Oakville, Burlington,  Halton Hills and Georgetown -, I am staying at the home of my daughter and having a great time, until, I come back to Colombia.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Biography

     Today I am going to tell you about myself. My name is Sofia Rani. I am from Pakistan. I have three sisters and one brother. I have lived in Canada for almost 17 years. 

     I moved in Canada with my husband 17 years ago. At that time we were alone as we had no relatives with us. But we had so many friends and they are just like our relatives. We always spend a good time with them especially in the summer.

     When I moved to Canada I did not take and ESL classes. I had a very busy time with my three kids. I spent all of my time with my kids but I am happy that I fulfilled all duties. 

     Now my kids are going to high school and I have some time for myself. I love to do painting and henna tattoo. It's a one stroke painting, we can paint on anything like fabric, glass and wood (etc).

     Also I do some volunteer work in FASM gallery and the kids school library. This is very satisfying and I feel very happy when I do this.

     Now my plan for the future is to improve my English and to do something for myself and for my family. 


My Biography

My name is Lyudmyla. 
I have lived in Canada for 6 years. I am from Portugal. I came to Canada with my husband. My kids live in Portugal. They like it better there.We came to Canada to have a better life.
I like that there are a lot of opportunities in Canada for jobs.

I don"t like the winter as it is very long and cold.
I miss the weather,the people, the good food,and the ocean of Portugal.
I fill lonely in Canada as people don't talk so much, they seem are individualized.

I plan to get a good job.Speaking English will help me to get a good job. My future will be good.

My name is  Heba Halayqa, I am from Palestine .
I have been  in Canada about seven month, I have three  brothers and three sisters, There are two brother and one  sister with me in Canada and two sister ,and one brother with my father and mother in Palestine.

I came to Canada with my family because  we wanted to change our lifestyle. and my country is  not safe and there is a war .Every day they  kill people specially  children. Also every day they set up sand barriers so nobody passes in this road. in addition ,My brothers has a business here in Canada selling men's suits.


I like every thing in Canada: The  natural views ,the lakes specially (the  lake shore ) .Also all people very are  happy and always smile . But I don't like some food they're different than on my country like special fruits and vegetables which are  very fresh, and life here in Canada  is expensive .
 I miss my home country a lot .my friends and also my family my aunts and uncles and my grandmother, and I miss my home a lot .

My  routine has  changed since I came to Canada :The different time and language and different traditions .My plans in Canada are first to speak English very well .second I plan to study hairdresser, because I studied it in my country but it different in Canada ,and after that, I wish to working ,And in future open a salon.