Friday, July 29, 2016

binan alshami

My name is Banan, I am from Syria. I was born in Al Hassaka, it’s a small city. I studied there from elementary until high school, and then I moved to another city called Homse to study in a university. But while I was studding, I got married. When I graduated, I become a mother. I have a daughter and a son. After getting married, I lived in United Arab Emirates. I lived there for thirteen years moving between three cities. Unfortunately in the last year my husband lost his job. 

When he had been terminated from his work, he and I decided to leave U.A.E and move to another country. Then we chose Canada to live in, we have many reasons to choose this country first, we have relatives and friends that are living here. Second, it is an open country. But the main reason is because  Canada receives all people throughout the world without caring about their nationalities. We hope to find a better future for us and for our children.

Canada provides a good life for all especially for kids and grandparents. Everything is different here studding, health care, justice and equality. I have been her for one year. I like the life here, eveary thing is arranged and organized. There are many diverse communities, and whenever you walk you can find the kind of people who are ready to help you as much as possible.

I am looking to improve my education and study in a college. I also wish to change my life style to be more active person with an open mind. I will try to communicate more with others. Moreover, anyone who lives here will be lucky to have a great opportunity to live in a safe haven and enjoy many other facilities.

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