Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Biography

     Today I am going to tell you about myself. My name is Sofia Rani. I am from Pakistan. I have three sisters and one brother. I have lived in Canada for almost 17 years. 

     I moved in Canada with my husband 17 years ago. At that time we were alone as we had no relatives with us. But we had so many friends and they are just like our relatives. We always spend a good time with them especially in the summer.

     When I moved to Canada I did not take and ESL classes. I had a very busy time with my three kids. I spent all of my time with my kids but I am happy that I fulfilled all duties. 

     Now my kids are going to high school and I have some time for myself. I love to do painting and henna tattoo. It's a one stroke painting, we can paint on anything like fabric, glass and wood (etc).

     Also I do some volunteer work in FASM gallery and the kids school library. This is very satisfying and I feel very happy when I do this.

     Now my plan for the future is to improve my English and to do something for myself and for my family. 


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