Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My name is  Heba Halayqa, I am from Palestine .
I have been  in Canada about seven month, I have three  brothers and three sisters, There are two brother and one  sister with me in Canada and two sister ,and one brother with my father and mother in Palestine.

I came to Canada with my family because  we wanted to change our lifestyle. and my country is  not safe and there is a war .Every day they  kill people specially  children. Also every day they set up sand barriers so nobody passes in this road. in addition ,My brothers has a business here in Canada selling men's suits.


I like every thing in Canada: The  natural views ,the lakes specially (the  lake shore ) .Also all people very are  happy and always smile . But I don't like some food they're different than on my country like special fruits and vegetables which are  very fresh, and life here in Canada  is expensive .
 I miss my home country a lot .my friends and also my family my aunts and uncles and my grandmother, and I miss my home a lot .

My  routine has  changed since I came to Canada :The different time and language and different traditions .My plans in Canada are first to speak English very well .second I plan to study hairdresser, because I studied it in my country but it different in Canada ,and after that, I wish to working ,And in future open a salon.

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