Friday, July 29, 2016

My story

My name is Joanna. I’m from China. I have lived in Canada for almost two years. My family lives in Georgetown. I have three daughters and I love spending time with them. My husband is a great man. His business is in China. I go back to China every year to visit my family in China because I miss them a lot.

I came to Canada in 2014. I wasn’t happy because I spoke bad English and I often stayed home. But now I like Canada, everything is good and I have a new life. I can go to school and learn English. School is free and teachers are nice and pretty. We are like friends. Now I can speak English so I can meet new friends.
Canadians are very nice and polite. Their gardens’ flowers are beautiful and colourful. But winter in Canada is too cold and there is too much snow. Snow is beautiful, my daughters like snow. They went skiing last winter. Driving in winter is not very safe. The sky in Canada is always blue like a picture. There I fresh air, no pollution for health. My cute dog and I enjoy walking to the park under a nice weather. My favourite season is fall. The trees’ leaves change colour and they are very beautiful. It makes me happy.
I must speak more English and watch more TV to improve my English. I will also volunteer in the Georgetown library. My plan is to find a job that I like in the future. Thanks for my good teacher.


  1. Nice writing Joanna - what a life you have had so far ! :)

  2. Nice writing Joanna - what a life you have had so far ! :)

    1. Thank you so much. Enjoy your time with your parents in Vancouver


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