Thursday, July 28, 2016

 Hi! our theme today is to write about our life story so I’m going to tell you about my problems, jobs, goals and something I have seen or learned in my life.
This moment I learned that sometimes it’s hard to introduce yourself because how much you know yourself how much you do not know where to start with.

First my name is Nizar I’m 21 and I was living in Beirut the capital of Lebanon. I came to Canada one month ago for too many reasons. The big point is to live in a peace place, to  get higher level education and change everything wrong in my life.

 I’m a person who is positive with every part or every reaction in my life. I like to read, to see, actually to try new things to increase my general knowledge.

I’m interested in art and especially in drawing.

I’m interested in music too, I was in the Conservatoir Music School learning drums. I like to feel music and “Pink Floyd” is my favorite band. I like to be alone and sometimes surrounded with people. I like to be happy that’s why Bob-Marle is one of my favorite singers. I like to think, to dream I like the respect for humanity that’s why I like Einstein and Martin Luther King. I like to live in a place that enables me to achieve all my goals and Canada is the right place for that.

Now my plan is to complete all my education in Canada: music, Art, English and Graphic design in Sheridan College. Finally I just want to thank Canada for caring for humans, Canada's natural places, and for caring for animals and more... my words are not enough. Hope everything will be perfect I will try my best and I will presist until I succeed.


  1. I hope for you a good life here in Canada

  2. I hope for you a good life here in Canada


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