Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Marriage in Palestine

   When the boy admires or. Like A girl go with his family to a girl house for her engagement , if they agree they start the engagement party ,the time period between engagement and marriage takes from one Month to one or too years ,than the bride and groom arranged marriage with their parents , the grooms family agrees with the birds family on all conditions and dowry .generally ,dowry is rule or traditions The be of The largest worry to the young men ,especially when he works for continuous years and still may not be capable after all ,also to complete the building of a home and pay the  amoumt of the dowry agreed upon ,many of the employees turn to the banks for a loan ,while others  inccur debts from relatives and friend .

The celebration: it is time to celebrate before the wedding day the groom invites all his friend and the youth from both families and also their friends to celebrate with him on the occasion of the weeding a (youth concert called zaffa )will be held music band or voice mixer . 
Also the bride invites all her friends and her relatives women to celebrate with her and dancing in the bride's  house . Also The groom mother and his family they hold a three days  party at the groom fathers house just for women before wedding day . 

The wedding day : it is one of the most complex and busiest days of both the spouses ,their schedule the first hour of dawn in the morning he must take her and her sisters to a women beauty &hair salon and he while he goes to the hairdresser for himself ,
When the bride finishers  her makeup procedures at the beauty salon ,her husband to be drives her to the closest photo studio ,to capture the moment together fro reminiscence , than the leads her back to her home when her relatives and friends celebrate her wedding .at this time the family 
Of the groom they prepare the lunch for guests many many people from both families and both friend ,after the food is finished ,the groom's family prepares a large group of people to go to the brid's house to bring the bride to the weeding hall all the girlie and women will dance together (the Palestinian folk dance Debka ) and the groom dance withe brides all the weeding and taking photos with her and his family .and the people blessing them and wishing a happy marriage life also the groom dresses the bride a many of gold during the party .

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